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Are you here because you’ve just moved or you’re thinking about making a change and you’re still searching for the right place? Congratulations! Moving in and decorating a new apartment can be a rewarding creative outlet. Decorating an apartment space requires unique solutions to ensure you make the best use of the space you have and also don’t leave any permanent marks. If you live in a new community such as Wesley Place Apartments in Indianapolis, you’ll have a modern, spacious backdrop for decorating in whatever style you choose. Here are some of our best tips for decorating your new apartment.

Opt for Multipurpose and Functional Furniture
Look for furniture pieces that serve multiple functions. For example, a sofa that can also be used as a guest bed or a coffee table with hidden storage. This way, you can maximize functionality without sacrificing space. Additionally, you’ll want to choose furniture that is proportionate to the size of your apartment. Wayfair’s apartment furniture section has some terrific furniture ideas if you need some inspiration.

Hang Curtains Strategically
Hanging curtains higher and wider than the actual window can create an illusion of height and width, making the room feel larger. Choose light, sheer curtains to allow natural light to enter the space while maintaining privacy. All apartments at Wesley Place provide window treatments, and you can feel free to ask one of your on-site property managers for guidance if you’re thinking of hanging something additional to what’s provided. If you haven’t discovered Wesley Place yet, ask about our select units that feature a large floor-to-ceiling corner window!

Catch Eyes with a Statement Piece
Invest in a few statement furniture pieces or decor items that become the focal points of your apartment. This could be a cool restored coffee table, an eye-catching piece of art, or a chair with some funky upholstery. These items can elevate the overall aesthetic and make a lasting impression.

Decorate with Mirrors
Mirrors not only create a sense of space but also add depth and reflect light, making your apartment feel brighter and more open. A mirror can also be a statement piece if it has an antique decorative frame or a interesting or unique shape. A funky mirror could also be one piece in a larger gallery wall.

Play with Lighting
Experiment with different lighting options to create the desired ambiance in your apartment. Ambient lighting is the general lighting that provides the overall illumination for a room. Task lighting helps perform a specific function, like cooking or reading. Accent lighting helps draw attention to a particular object, like a sculpture, dining table, or piece of artwork. Use a mix of these different types of lighting to add depth and warmth. Consider incorporating floor lamps and table lamps for a layered effect.

Don't Forget about Plants
Adding greenery can bring life and freshness to your apartment. Incorporate indoor plants that thrive in your apartment's lighting conditions and the amount of maintenance you can provide. Place them on windowsills, shelves, or planter stands to maximize space. A stand or tiered planter ladder also assists in vertical gardening so that your plants appear organized and tidy and don’t overwhelm your space. Additionally, all units at Wesley Place feature a balcony or patio allowing you to place some small potted plants outdoors.

Utilize Vertical Space
Again, take advantage of the vertical space in your apartment by using tall bookshelves, ladder shelves, or hanging organizers. This allows you to store items off the floor and other surfaces and free up valuable space.

Create Designated Zones
In an open concept apartment like Wesley Place, you can utilize the space by dividing your living area into different functional zones using rugs, furniture, screens, or room dividers. This can help define separate areas for sleeping, working, dining, and lounging.

Incorporate Flexible Seating Options
Instead of a large dining table, consider using a small bistro table or a table with a removable or folding leaf that can be stored away when not in use. Use multifunctional seating options like stools or ottomans that can double as extra seating or storage.

The key to decorating your new apartment is to prioritize functionality while making the space unique and fun. By making smart furniture choices, utilizing storage solutions, and employing visual tricks and unique accnets, you can create a stylish and comfortable living environment in your apartment. Wesley Place Apartments for rent Indianapolis has studio, one and two bedroom floor plans available now, with several layouts to choose from. Call 463-218-6403 to schedule your tour today.